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Polibreal del Sur

Polibreal del Sur is a company with more than 38 years of experience in the sector, specialising in complete waterproofing in buildings and on site.

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Waterproofing of car parks

Car park waterproofing is essential to protect both the underlying structure and the parked vehicles, thus prolonging the life of the car park and avoiding costly repairs due to water seepage.


Construction solutions

Waterproofing homes is a smart investment that protects families from damage caused by leaks and damp, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone's well-being.


Waterproofing of parks

Waterproofing parks is essential to preserve the natural beauty of the environment and to protect recreational areas against the damaging effects of moisture, thus ensuring a safe and pleasant space to enjoy nature.

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Room sealing is an essential process to protect structures from the damaging effects of moisture and water. Whether in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, waterproofing creates an effective barrier against leaks, leaks and corrosion caused by constant exposure to water.

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