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What is polibreal

What is polybral and what is it used for?

POLIBREAL is the base product in a waterproofing system whose main characteristic is that it is applied in liquid form based on bmodified pesticides.

POLIBREAL is a bituminous mastic for hot and in situ application which, once gelled by heating on site and spread with a trowel, creates a adherent, continuous membrane impermeable to water, vapour and humidity.

Its formulation consists of an optimal balance of vinyl resins, tar and various inert mineral fillers.


The membrane consists of a single layer of POLIBREAL.

UNE 104-402 and NBE QB-90. The membrane consists of a first layer of POLIBREAL, a smooth aluminium interlayer and a second layer of POLIBREAL (UNE 104-402 and NBE QB-90 standards). The intermediate sheet can also be a polyester film (UNE 104-400/6).
In both single- and multi-layer systems, the separating layer between the membrane and the heavy-duty protection is a waterproof and gas-tight synthetic film.

Aplicaciones del polibreal

Polybarrier installation

El POLIBREAL is sold through the network of distributors and IMCISA applicators, for the responsibility and guarantee that the waterproof membrane of this material should give once the placed.

Therefore, all distributors and applicators of IMCISA have adequate means and qualified personnel to ensure the proper placement of the product, issuing written guarantee of quality and durability.

This avoids mishandling and provides a good service.

The steps of commissioning are as follows: 

1. The material is poured, on site, into special oil-bath boilers, heated with butane or propane gas and temperature-controlled.

2. Progressive heating is carried out until a temperature of 155°C±10°C is reached, where conversion to vinyl organogel is achieved.

3. The prepared material, at a temperature of not less than 90º C, is spread with a trowel on the substrate, which must be clean and dry.