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Characteristics of polybral

Features and benefits of polybral

The polybarrier has the ideal characteristics that a good waterproofing product should have. 

These are all the characteristics and advantages that make it the best waterproofing product on the market.

The great elasticity of the product (it allows an elongation of more than 1,000%, recovering its original shape) makes the formation of cracks impossible, following all the deformations of the work.

As the material spreads in a viscous liquid state, it follows all the irregularities of the application surface, adapting perfectly to it and easily adopting singular conformations.

The great elasticity and high cohesion allows it to be spread over large surfaces without any joints. The cohesion of the freshly poured material is perfect with the previously poured material, forming a homogeneous whole, thus avoiding the always dangerous joints by welding or gluing.

The specimens subjected to the adhesion test according to UNE 7158 (UNE 104-281/4-4) showed no cracks or fissures, nor did they detach from the mortar block. The leaks due to failure are easily located as the water does not circulate under the membrane.

In the ageing tests according to UNE 48-251-92, the specimens subjected to 100 h of UV radiation and humidity with condensation at high temperature do not flow, and no crazing, blistering or cracking is observed. POLIBREAL protected by a 23 micron anti-puncture film after the ageing test resists folding at 0°C.

The properties of POLIBREAL are not altered after immersing the specimens in sea water of 45 per mil salinity at 60°C for 168 h., according to the chemical compatibility test described in ISO 6072. It resists alkaline and acidic waters, petrol, fuel oil, diesel oil, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid, without decomposing.

The softening point is above 90°C and the brittle point Fraass is below - 20°C, so it can withstand the thermal variations between winter and summer in all climates of our country.

Creep according to UNE 104-281/4-3 is null. It does not flow on vertical walls exposed to the summer sun.

Because of its high cohesion, it is self-repairing.

It allows the sandwich structure with aluminium foil that is 100% watertight to all types of liquids and gases.