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Who we are

Who are Polibreal del Sur?

Polibreal del Sur is an Andalusian company specialising in the complete waterproofing in buildings and civil engineering works. The waterproofing with Polibreal act effectively on all elements that are susceptible to waterproofing on construction sites.

At the level of building, This starts with the waterproofing of the foundation slab itself (for cases with a high water table) and continues with the waterproofing of foundation walls, common areas in the basement slab (landscaped areas, sports courts, running surfaces, walkable areas...), terraces, planters, cisterns and roofs.

All membranes shall be completely continuous (no joints or welds), 1000% elastic and 100% adhered to the substrate. At the level of civil workPolibreal del Sur performs  tunnel waterproofingbridge decksparkings...


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D. Javier Abril Guerrero.
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